Sahan Cares is a family run social enterprise that offers domiciliary and personal care and support services to the elderly and disabled. The services are catered for older people, people with physical disabilities, people with sensory loss including dual sensory impairment, people with learning disabilities, children and their families under social care and personal or family carers.

We specialises in serving clients who lack the necessary communication skills, the ability to read, understand and converse in the English language, lack relevant support and befriending and as a result feel marginalized and disadvantaged due to the lack of cultural and religious services appropriate to suit and meet their needs.

We offers a variety of care services from day visits to assist clients with domiciliary functions through to 24 hour care over a period of weeks – all in the comfort of the client’s home environment

We also aims to help alleviate poverty and improve the community’s socio-economic conditions by employing those who are economically inactive and help retrain them to serve our elderly and disabled thereby promoting a better future for those in employment and ensuring that the client’s needs are appropriately met.


Sahan Cares dilutes much of cultural sensitivity held by the elderly and disabled by understanding and responding appropriately to their specific cultural and religious needs.

We are set up to provide quality customer-focused services, will endeavour to work for the comprehensive welfare of our clients and ensure that those using our services:

Care and Support

Receive the required levels of care and support from qualified staff to suit the levels of needs in a way that ensures that their human rights, privacy and dignity are protected and their diversity acknowledged at all times.


Are provided with information about the facilities that are available for their care and support on a regular basis.


Influence how the service is run when taking part in the decision making process and how best to assist them to achieve targets set, and to ensure that concerns raised regarding the quality of provision offered is dealt with openly and satisfactorily to meet the client’s demands.


Will be given encouragement, support and opportunities to describe their holistic needs and be consulted when discussing about the impact of their care and support.